Ratio Six Coffee Maker – Matte Stainless


The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is designed for the modern coffee drinker. Inspired by pour over brewing style, the Ratio Six includes a 45 second bloom cycle that fully saturates coffee before moving on to a seven minute brew cycle — all done with the touch of a button. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this no frills coffee maker features a unique silicone heat shield that keeps brewed coffee close to 200 degrees.

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Enjoy pour over inspired coffee with the touch of a button with the Ratio Six Coffee Maker in Matte Stainless. With a 1400 W die-cast aluminum heating element and intelligent build, this coffee maker keeps things simple. It’s also a wonderful choice for users who like their coffee really hot, you’ll find your coffee is around 200 degrees F once finished brewing thanks to the included silicone heat shield. Each Ratio Six is backed by a 5-year warranty.


The Ratio Six Coffee Maker comes with a removable heat shield for hot coffee, which creates a brewed coffee that is typically just shy of 200 degrees F. The pour over inspired brewing system uses a stainless steel brew head for even flow control. By removing the heat shield the Ratio Six can be used to brew into other official Saint Anthony Industries brewing devices..

A BPA-free copolymer etched water tank holds up to eight cups of water. The included carafe features double-wall stainless steel with a pouring spout that is push activated. Once brewed with, about 10% of the water volume will be absorbed into your coffee grounds. In other words, at the final mark, 44 ounces of water will make roughly 40 ounces of coffee. Throughout the entire brewing process, the water flow is precisely metered.

Why You Should Buy It

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker in Matte Stainless brings modernity to traditionally delicious coffee. Even with such a simple build and design, every part has been thought through. From the BPA-free copolymer water tank with etched markers, to a powerful 1400 W heating element made with die-cast aluminum, Ratio did not skimp on any aspect. Plus, the coffee maker mimics pour over style coffee making with a wide shower head that maximizes saturation and flavor, all through the push of a button.

What’s Included
– Ratio Six Coffee Maker
– Ratio Six Thermal Carafe + Filter Basket
– Lid for Filter Basket with Heat Shield
– Catcher for Filter Basket
– Ratio Microfiber Towel
– Basket Paper Filters – 4 sample filters
– Operation guide
– Removable power cord

SCA Gold Cup Brewing Certified






App Connectivity


Time to Brew Full Carafe (Minutes)

7 Min

Carafe Features

Double Wall, Stainless Steel Construction

Number of Carafes


Carafe Type


Carafe Volume (oz)

40 oz

Recommended Application

Home / Residential

NSF Certified


Number of Cups

Minimum (0.7 liters, 4 cups, 20 oz) / Maximum (1.3 liters, 8 cups, 40 oz)

Coffee Filter Compatibility

Flat Bottom 8 – 12 Cup Paper Filter

Type of Controls

Push Button

Frame Material

Formed Stainless Steel

Housing Color


Housing Material

Formed Stainless Steel

Depth (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Weight (Lbs)

14 lbs

Width (Inches)


Warranty Service Provider Email


Warranty Service Provider


Warranty Service Provider Phone Number


Manufacturers Warranty Period

5-Year Limited Warranty