Quick Mill Vetrano Design Espresso Machine

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The Quick Mill Vetrano Design is an Italian-made, semi-automatic dual boiler espresso machine that combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design to create top-notch coffee from the comfort of your home, office or small cafe for years to come.

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Quick Mill Vetrano Design Overview

The Quick Mill Vetrano Design is an Italian-made, semi-automatic dual boiler espresso machine that is impressive inside and out. The Vetrano Design has a 1.4 L, 1,100 W steam boiler and .75 L, 800 W group boiler, both of which are insulated and stainless steel to add additional longevity to your purchase. This updated version of the Vetrano features white LED lighting running along the outside of the body, a redesigned black and blue manometer and a E61 commercial style group head with a chrome-plated handle to provide an already impressive machine an even more impressive look.

Features and Performance

The Quick Mill Vetrano Design measures at 16 in tall, 12 in wide and 18 in deep with a weight of 70 lb, which is ideal for any home or office where maximizing countertop space is a priority. The Vetrano Design is Italian-made and housed in a stainless steel 304 shell with chrome body panels, brushed aluminum faceplate and LED lighting, ensuring it will look and run beautifully for years to come.

The Vetrano Design’s dual boilers consist of a 1.4 L, 1,100 W steam boiler and a .75 L, 800 W group boiler to allow for quicker and more stable simultaneous coffee making and milk steaming. Both boilers are insulated to allow for quicker heating and more reliable pressure stability and are coated in Quick Mill-patented Ternary Eco Alloy (T.E.A.) to drastically decrease the possibility of metal in drinks delivered. The PID temperature controller has an updated button design independently controls the group boiler with a 1 degree C/F adjustment, as well as the steam boiler for temperature and pressure. Working with the PID controller is an integrated shot timer to take the guesswork out of making the perfect pour. Also present are indicator lights next to the power switches for each boiler. A green light means the boiler is on, while a red light indicates when the heating element is active.

The Vetrano Design includes a massive 3 L water reservoir, with the option to bypass the reservoir completely and be directly plumbed to a water line. This potentially removes the need to manually fill your water tank for the life of your machine.
Also included is the option to install a drain system, while those without the option can make use of the large stainless steel drip tray accessible from the top of the machine. Those utilizing the water reservoir can rest easy knowing the built-in low-water sensor will let them know when it’s time for a refill.

The two stainless steel, no-burn commercial style steam/water wands include one wand with options for a two- or four-hole steam tip. The second wand makes use of a hot water nozzle to help create delicious Americanos, hot chocolate or tea.
Don’t worry about waking the neighborhood as the Fluid-O-Tech rotary vane pump is one of the quietest available for an espresso machine with the quality and price of the Vetrano Design. A dual manometer provides a readout and measures current boiler pressure, letting you know when fluctuations occur. The front-mounted gauge has an updated black and blue design and ensures you’ll be able to tell what’s going on inside your machine at all times.

Additional features include the iconic E61 commercial style group head with a chrome-plated handle, as well as a cup warmer. The hinged cover removes the need to remove the cup warming tray if and when you need to refill the water reservoir.
Every Vetrano Design also comes with single and double-spouted, commercial style 58 mm portafilters to provide even more temperature stability.

Why You Should Get It

The Quick Mill Vetrano Design is an exceptional machine designed for in-home use with commercial quality design and features. If you are someone who wants the look and feel of a modern home machine, the Vetrano Design is for you.
The stainless-steel design, chrome and aluminum accents and LED lighting impress visually, while the dual, insulated stainless steel boilers, nearly silent rotary pump and option to directly plumb to a water line highlight the extensive list of included features.

Simply put, the Vetrano Design is as beautiful as it is functional and a must-purchase for traditionalists looking for one of the best machines available in the market.






Boiler Configuration

Dual Boiler

Number of Boilers


Brew Boiler Auto-Fill


Brew Boiler Heater Location


Brew Boiler Insulation


Brew Boiler Material


Brew Boiler Orientation


Brew Boiler Volume (Oz)

25.4 oz

Brew Unit Material

Chrome-Plated Brass

Brew Unit Type


Three-Way Valve


Back Flush Capable


Brew Group Type


Recommended Application

Home / Residential

Display Type

PID Control Screen

Type of Controls

Lever PID

Cup Warmer Material

Stainless Steel

Cup Warmer Size (L-in x W-in)

11.3 x 10.2

Cup Warmer

Passively Heated

Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable)


Drip Tray Capacity (oz)

77.5 oz

Drip Tray Cover Material

Stainless Steel

Drip Tray Material

Stainless Steel

Frame Material

Stainless Steel

Housing Color

Stainless Steel

Housing Material


Depth (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Weight (Lbs)


Width (Inches)


Portafilter Handle Material


Number of Portafilters Included


Portafilter Type

Commercial Style

Portafilter Diameter

58 mm

Adjustable Brew Pressure


Pump Pressure (Max. Bar)

16 Bar

Pump Type


Manufacturers Warranty Period

2-Year Parts and Labor

Steam Boiler Auto-Fill


Steam Boiler Heater Location


Steam Boiler Insulation


Steam Boiler Material

Stainless Steel

Steam Boiler Orientation


Steam Boiler Volume (Oz)

47.3 oz

Steam Tip Hole Count


Steam Wand Material

Stainless Steel

Steam Wand Movement Type

Fully Articulated

Steam Wand

Commercial Style

Water Reservoir Access Location


Water Reservoir Capacity

94 oz

Water Reservoir Features

Empty Detection

Water Source

Reservoir and Water Line