Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder In Matte Black


The commercial-grade Eureka Zenith Neo Grinder has all of the features Eureka is known for, like stepless micrometric adjustment, easy maintenance, and 65mm hardened steel burrs. It also includes unique features like an LCD display, two dose presets that can be programmed within 1/10th of a second, and reduced energy consumption without sacrificing power.

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Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder Overview

The Eureka Zenith Neo Grinder can grind up to 3.8g/s, has a micrometric adjustment knob, 65mm hardened steel burrs, and even more features that make it perfect for a commercial setting. The clean, simple design of the Zenith Neo will look nice in a range of settings, and the 2.6 lb clear plastic bean hopper will complement any coffee setup you have in your cafe or restaurant.

Features and Performance

The Zenith’s 65mm flat burrs are made of hardened steel and are designed to grind up to 7.7 lbs of coffee per day, and the ability to change the time for the single and double dose buttons makes it easy to set the dose and keep the coffee-making process moving.

The Zenith is engineered for high consistency when grinding. Eureka’s ACE (Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity) System is also a part of this grinder, so there’s reduced static electricity from the machine and the coffee comes out fluffy and ready for brewing. When multiple shots worth of coffee are ground in a row, you’ll see very little difference in the amount of coffee ground out as well.

Other features that make this grinder convenient for your commercial space include the adjustable chute, the spotlight, and the removable and adjustable portafilter holder. This means that you can make sure the chute is angled just right for whatever you’re grinding your coffee into, whether it’s a portafilter or a dosing cup to pour into a coffee maker. The spotlight will help you see how much coffee is in the basket as well as where it’s landing. The adjustable portafilter holder will help you keep your portafilter in the perfect position whether you’re using a smaller basket for single shots or a larger one for double shots. You can also use the portafilter book to grind your coffee completely hands free. These features help you make sure that your grinder isn’t slowing down the brewing process so you can get coffee to your customers (or just to yourself) as efficiently and easily as possible.

Why You Should Get It

The Eureka Zenith Neo Grinder is reliable, adjustable, and programmable so you can make it fit your needs whether you’re putting it in a coffee shop or an at-home setup. With micrometric hardened steel burrs, customizable dosing presets, and consistent grinding results, you can rely on the Zenith Neo to help you pull great shots of espresso every time.

65mm Hardened Steel Burrs

The 65mm hardened steel burrs on the Zenith can grind up to 7.7 lbs of coffee every day at a rate of 2.8-3.8 grams per second. The larger burrs reduce the number of rotations per minute the machine needs to make, which reduces the heat on your coffee while it’s being ground.

Micrometric Adjustments

Eureka’s patented micrometric stepless adjustments make it easy to dial in your dose to the exact consistency you want every time. Just turn the knob and you’re able to seamlessly adjust your burrs.

Customizable Dose Settings

With the Zenith NEO grinder, you have the option of a single or double dose of coffee for your espresso. You can customize the two pre-set options easily as well as lock them in place if you’ve found just the right dose for whatever coffee you’re grinding.

Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the improvements Eureka with the Zenith Neo is to reduce the energy used while grinding coffee, so you can feel good about reducing your energy use without sacrificing the quality of your coffee grinder.






Recommended Application

Residential / Commercial

Display Type

LCD (Monochromatic)

Type of Controls

Push Button

Frame Material


Grinder Features

Easy Access to Burrs, ACE Anti Clumping System

Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type

Micrometric Stepless

Burr Diameter (mm)


Grinder Burr Type


Dispensing Method


Grinder Drive System

Direct Drive

Recommended Grind Selection


Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz)

41.6 oz

Grinding Method

Flat Burr

Programmable Grinding


Bean Hopper Material


Housing Color


Housing Material


Depth (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Weight (Lbs)


Width (Inches)


RPM (Burrs)

1310 RPM

Number of Grinder Settings


Warranty Service Provider Email

Warranty Service Provider

Price Coffee Machines Shop

Warranty Service Provider Phone Number


Manufacturers Warranty Period

1-Year Parts and Labor


110V-120V (US)


280 Watt