Crem ONE INFUSER Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


The CREM ONE INFUSER is a superb dual boiler espresso machine that improves upon its legendary predecessor, the Expobar Brewtus. The OLED display, dual PID temperature control, Shot mirror, rotary pump, reservoir and water line/drain line, and Auto on/off push the CREM ONE INFUSER ahead of the pack.

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CREM ONE INFUSER Espresso Machine Overview

The CREM ONE INFUSER is a dual boiler espresso machine that improves on the design of the legendary Expobar Brewtus, adding a whole new level of design, features, and performance. We worked with Crem right from the beginning of this project and love its gradual soft pre-infusion function, contemporary angles, clean lines, the OLED display with 4 programmable buttons just above the E61 group, half-turn knobs, a double manometer, customizable side panels, and metallic feet. All together, the ONE INFUSER offers a powerful prosumer option for the discerning coffee lover.

Features and Performance

For features, there’s a lot to admire. The CREM ONE INFUSER is equipped with a 1.5-liter brew and 1.7-liter steam boiler, and 4 programmable buttons on the digital display. The digital display stores adjustment for the dual PID temperature controllers, showing brew temperature as well as a shot timer, and angled upward for easy usage. The copper boilers are capped by brass end plates and, as a dual boiler machine, you can expect to brew and steam at the same time. Each of the boilers can be switched on and off through the machine menu. Unique to Crem machines is the pre-infusion chamber milled into the group, allowing water to well up and pre-wet the coffee bed before full pressure is reached. For coffee shop and cafe owners, the ONE INFUSER is SGS certified, allowing it to be used commercially.

On the ONE INFUSER, by accessing the Barista menu, you can turn on GSP or gradual soft pre-infusion, which lets you set the time it takes for the rotary pump to ramp up to max pressure. With the ONE INFUSER’s DC variable speed pump, it can be programmed to reach full pressure between 2 and 30 seconds. Using this feature, you can experiment with ramp up times to get different results in the cup. The pump itself is a high quality Fluid-o-Tech pump.

The steam wand is no-burn, and the two knobs only need half a turn to open up their respective valves. Perhaps one of the most intriguing advancements made by Crem is hands-free frothing. Simply place your frothing pitcher on the drip tray with the tip at your desired angle. As the froth expands, it will cover the tip and then heat the milk.

Other small touches that really set the CREM ONE INFUSER apart are the smart drip tray and Auto On/Off settings. The drip tray is modular, letting you remove a riser from the center of the tray to allow for larger cups under the group head. The Auto On/Off settings let you program timers to automatically turn the CREM ONE INFUSER on or off, based on preference. This could let you have your machine ready by the time you need coffee in the morning, and have it shut off by the time you leave for work. For maintenance, you can set a service reminder to backflush after a specific number of brews.

Just as well, the shot mirror allows for easy viewing of your extraction while using a bottomless portafilter. For anyone who likes to control channeling and maximize drink quality, this is a leap forward in convenience.

The CREM ONE INFUSER includes a 7-gram filter basket, a 14-gram filter basket, a 21-gram basket, a cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, a blind filter basket, flat metal tamper, extra 3-hole steam tip, 10 oz frothing pitcher, and 1 double narrow spout portafilter.

Why You Should Get It

Crem and their machines can only be described as bleeding edge, and the CREM ONE INFUSER is no exception. Dual boilers, dual PIDs, water reservoir as well as a water line hook up, a drain line hook up, and high quality parts deliver one of the strongest prosumer/light commercial espresso machines available. Innovations like the shot mirror and automatic power on/off are incredible convenience features, as well, along with a massive drip tray for fewer trips to empty the tray compared to most other machines.






App Connectivity


Boiler Configuration

Dual Boiler

Number of Boilers


Brew Boiler Auto-Fill


Brew Boiler Heater Location


Brew Boiler Insulation


Brew Boiler Material

Copper w/Brass Endplates

Brew Boiler Orientation


Brew Boiler Volume (Oz)

1.5 L

Brew Unit Material

Chrome-Plated Brass

Brew Unit Type


Back Flush Capable


Brew Group Type


Brew Boiler Wattage


Recommended Application

Residential / Commercial

Cup Warmer Material

Stainless Steel

Cup Warmer


Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable)


Drip Tray Capacity (oz)

1.5 L

Drip Tray Cover Material

Stainless Steel

Drip Tray Material


Removable Drip Tray


Frame Material


Housing Color

Stainless Steel, Black

Housing Material

Stainless Steel / Plastic

Maintenance Alerts


Depth (Inches)


Height (Inches)


Weight (Lbs)


Width (Inches)


Filter Diameter (mm)


Portafilter Handle Material


Portafilter Material

Chrome-Plated Brass

Number of Portafilters Included


Portafilter Type

Commercial Style

Portafilter Weight (lbs)


Pump Type


Warranty Service Provider Email

Warranty Service Provider

Price Coffee Machines Shop

Warranty Service Provider Phone Number


Manufacturers Warranty Period

3-Year Parts and Labor



Steam Boiler Heater Location


Steam Boiler Insulation


Steam Boiler Material

Copper w/Brass Endplates

Steam Boiler Orientation


Steam Boiler Volume (Oz)

1.7 L

Steam Tip Hole Count


Steam Wand Material


Steam Wand Movement Type

Fully Articulated

Steam Wand


Water Reservoir Access Location


Water Reservoir Capacity

1.8 L

Water Reservoir Features


Water Reservoir Material


Water Source

Water Line / Reservoir