Bezzera BZ13 DE Bianco Espresso Machine

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The Bezzera BZ13 DE is a NSF and ETL-certified PID heat-exchanger espresso machine with incredibly fast heat-up times and phenomenal temperature stability.

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Bezzera BZ13 DE Espresso Machine, Bianco Overview

The Bezzera BZ13 DE Bianco is an NSF certified, heat-exchanger espresso machine. The industrial charm and custom white color panels paired with modern technology makes this semi-automatic a delight to look at and work with. For starters, the BZ13 DE Bianco is ready to brew and steam straight out of the box thanks to the copper heat-exchanger boiler which can heat to brew temperature in just 8 minutes. This means that while you go through your morning routine and grind, level and tamp your coffee, the BZ13 will probably be ready to brew before you are.

Features and Performance

Heat-exchanger boilers are a big deal if you’re serious about your coffee. If you’re hosting guests and you’re making milk-beverages back-to-back, then a machine like the BZ13 DE Bianco is perfect for you and your lifestyle as you can brew and steam simultaneously. Add on the intuitive PID controller and you’ve got stable temperatures that you can change on the fly as needed. You’ll be able to directly control the temperature of the steam boiler, with the PID displaying the brew temperature offset displayed on the screen. The PID adds a degree consistency and control that accentuates the performance of the boiler for both powerful steam and stable brew temperatures.

Why You Should Get It

The two programmable buttons on the face of the machine allow you to pull single or double shots with one push, with a third button to brew manually. With the BZ13 DE Bianco, you have the best of both worlds. The machine can automatically pull shots, leaving you free to froth milk, cash out customers, or take a bite of breakfast. You can also brew manually to experiment with pulling shots or creating new brew recipes.

Our experts also collaborated with Bezzera directly to create visually stunning custom color options like the white panels offered on the Bianco version of the BZ13 DE Bianco. The result is a machine that looks great while retaining the ability to consistently brew a fantastic cup of espresso.